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Watch your Style Evolve

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Style Evolution 

6 Week Online 1:1 Course


£997 = £498.50 - Reduced by 50% 

Starting Mid-June 23 (To be agreed at Booking Stage)

Who is this course for?

This course helps women who feel disconnected from their personal style and underwhelmed with their wardrobe. 

You will build a healthy mindset around your personal style whilst connecting to your style vision and create a wardrobe that you feel excited to style day in and day out.

Course Total

£997 = £498.50 - Reduced by 50% Inc. x6 1:1 Sessions

Starting Mid-June (To be agreed at Booking Stage)

The course is a BETA Version and is being sold

to a very limited No. of people at 50% off

The course will be delivered via zoom (or similar)  once a week 1hr sessions, any additional course material will be provided in. PDF format

Watch your Style Evolve

Whats Included


Master Your Mindset

We will look at your mindset, we will explore your healthy and not so healthy habits. 

We will explore ways in which we can improve on the areas that require positive adaption and focus on making you a priority.


Explore your Style Vision 

We will explore your Personal Style and what your style vision for the future is. 

This is an exciting and positive way to envision your style goals.


Identify your body Shape

We will look at your body shape & appreciate the areas of your body you wish to celebrate. 

I will teach you how to dress your shape to ensure you feel confident in your style choices! 


Colourful Confidence

We will look at your personality temperament and I will assess your skin tone.  We will look at which colours are best suited to you, you will become confident in choosing colours that compliment your wellbeing.


Wardrobe Edit 

We will plan what you want out of your wardrobe edit, where your problem categories are and I will teach you how to edit your wardrobe with ease and confidence.   The satisfaction after your edit is off the scale!


Shop with Confidence

Your last step to ensuring your complete style Evolution.  I will teach you how to shop efficiently with ease and confidence.  Whether we are shopping online, in-store or in your own wardrobe!  

The Style Evolution Story

Working with my clients in person is like watching a beautiful fairytale unfold.  I see the full transformation right before my eyes, from fed up, unmotivated and lacking confidence to enthused, interested and confident.

It all starts with a healthy mindset, when you take the time to make yourself a priority and get clear on what is holding you back with your style vision the transformation is easy and fun.

I wanted to share this with as many people as I possible, hence the The Style Evolution Course was born.

A course that will help you to evolve in your mindset and in your style, you will learn the absolute fundamentals of creating your personal style!

This is your journey and I am delighted to be able to facilitate and bring you my knowledge, passion, confidence and energy to assist you with your very own STYLE EVOLUTION!

Now is your time!

Course Total

£997 = £498.50 - Reduced by 50% Inc. x6 1:1 Sessions

Starting Mid-June (To be agreed at Booking Stage)

The course is a BETA Version and is being sold

to a very limited No. of people at 50% off

The course will be delivered via zoom (or similar)  once a week 1hr sessions, any additional course material will be provided in. PDF format



Thank you for today its been a complete revelation.  I now cant help noticinfg what colours women are matching on telly.  Cant wait to do some shopping.  Thank you Laura!


I had an All About You bExperience with Laura &it was brilliant.  I was apprehensive beforehand and Laura quickly put me at ease.  She answered all my questions and the info she shared afterwards really helped me.  I'll definitely be booking more servcies with Laura!


It was such a fantastic experience working with Laura.  She is absolutley lovely and made the process an absolute pleasure.  laura has really helped steer me in the right direction with shape & colour.  I now feel more confident about which colours and shapes suit me and putting outfits together!


Hosted by Laura Coote,
Personal Stylist & Colour Consultant 

Laura has a real passion for helping others, her own experience has empowered her to get visible and share her knowledge!

With a genuine thirst for helping others to achieve their goals and build their confidence. The unique link between her and her clients is a perfect match.

Laura is a qualified Personal Stylist & Colour Consultant who has a clear objective, which is to nurture, support, and enable others to live their best life and achieve their own confidence aspirations whilst looking & feeling amazing.

Laura has a wealth of corporate knowledge. and has worked with top-tier executives to build and grow their teams and achieve their own personal goals, whilst maintaining a down- to-earth approach to an individual’s personal development journey.

As a mum to three boys, Laura has the ability to juggle her busy time-sensitive home and work agenda with pride, passion, and genuine empathy.

Being an entrepreneur, she has the experience and foresight for what is required to achieve & grow in confidence whilst looking and feeling fabulous!

Laura is a fun person with a belief that we have an important role to play in creating our very own happiness.

Once we find where our happiness lies, there really is nothing standing in our way, apart from ourselves!


Alderley Edge

Laura explained how experimenting with wearing different colours can make you feel more confident and compliment your complexion so much more!

Couldn't recommend highly enough

Cheadle Hulme


Laura, you are a genius!

I'm loving my clothes, I'm feeling amazing!

Another outfit has just arrived and I love everything!

Thank you! 


Honestly there isn't enough words really to highlight and share how incredible you ARE and have been!

I will 100% be sharing your details!

Thank you for everything 

FAQ ...

What is a BETA Version:

A BETA version is a pre-launch of a product or service before it is launched to the masses

Possible that content and design changes can be made during the BETA Version

Offered to you for BETA sign up

50% OFF full course price (as advertised)

Request for feedback from you

Including video review, review on google, review for website.

How much input is required from you?

I will teach you and give you the knowledge, inspiration and guide you with the input

We will have a weekly 1:1 1hr zoom call

After each session you will have some follow up work to complete - Each person will differ on the time they input into this 

You then go away watch a video or a PDF worksheet and you complete the task 

Colour Analysis 

I will teach you about colour in terms of warm and cool colours

I will teach the benefits & the positive phycology of colour 

I will analyse your personality trait 

I do not conduct a colour analysis online - This is only done face to face - If you are unsure of this please drop me a message or book a discovery call

Is this course right for me?

If you want to work on your mindset 

If you want to create your style vision

Its for you want to elevate your style journey

If you want to create a wardrobe that is full of outfits that you love

If you are ready to make yourself a priority

If you are ready to  boost your mood and lift your confidence 

When is the start date?


BETA version starts mid June 23 (To be arranged at booking stage)

Can I do this course even if I already know my body shape & colours?

Yes is the simple answer, if you already know your shape and colours but want help with really pinpointing the styles and working hard on your style vision then yes we can work on this during the course!  

Can I use this information time and time again?

Yes, that's the beauty, you will learn the tools and the techniques and you can then use and implement as much as you like in the future

Is it worth the investment?

Yes, absolutely! 

You will get at a minimum of 6 hours of my dedicated 1:1 time, this alone is worth double what this course is being sold for.

To buy these services seperatley would cost in excess of £1,500

Join Life, Style

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