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Colour Analysis

Welcome to your Colour Analysis Experience!

You're in for an incredible journey.  Get ready to experience a complete colour analysis, including the colour draping process.  You will discover the connection between your personality traits and your colour season.  I will evaluate which colours complement your skin tone perfectly.  You will learn how to wear colours to enhance your mood and confidence, including tips on wearing colours outside of your season.  I will identify your WOW colours.  

Following on from your experience you will receive a detailed, personalised brief of your colour season.  Including recommendations for makeup colours that match your season.  The benefits of this experience are limitless, you'll gain improved confidence when wearing colour.  You'll know exactly which colours will boost your mood and increase your confidence.  You'll have long-lasting knowledge of your colour season which will make shopping a much more enjoyable and stress-free experience.  

It's time to shine and feel great in your own skin!

Get ready to take on the world with your newfound confidence.

1hr 1:1 In-Person Experience 
Venue:  My HQ, Cheadle Hulme
£150 (Inc Colour Fan)

All About You Experience 

Unleash your true style potential with the

All About Your Experience!

This experience includes a full body shape analysis, a detailed discussion on the styles that perfectly complement and enhance your shape.  A colour analysis with a draping process to find the exact colours that flawlessly complement your skin tone.

Not just that, we will also delve into the connection between your personality and the colour season that suits you best, and give you expert advice on how to wear colour to boost your mood and confidence.

Following the analysis experience, I will send you a personalised brief with recommendations on makeup colours that will perfectly complement your season.  You will feel more confident in wearing colour and have a better understanding of which colours boost your mood and confidence.

Not only that, I will also provide you with detailed images and information on which styles fit and flatter your shape, and why.

The advantages of this experience are limitless.

This experience will reduce the overwhelm of shopping, you will be crystal clear on what suits you and what doesn't, and you will have a newfound confidence in yourself and your ability to create your style and colour vision.

2hr's 1:1 In-Person Experience 
Venue:  My HQ, Cheadle Hulme
£250 (Inc Colour Fan)

Life. Style. Choices

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