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What is Dopamine Dressing?

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Colour is a hot topic in the fashion & style industry at the moment, with more and more people asking that all-important question.

"What is dopamine dressing?"

So, why is colour such a hot topic?

More and more people are starting to understand the benefits of wearing colour. Understanding how it can lift your mood, confidence & harmonise with your skin tone are just some of the reasons why it's such a hot topic.

With both women and men experimenting with the wonderful world of colour through working with Personal Stylists like myself with the amazing colour analysis experience. The world is a colourful place and understanding how colours can release dopamine, elevate your style and your confidence is huge, just look at some of the top brands and you will see a plethora of bright, zesty colours at the forefront of their collections.

What is Dopamine?

In brief, dopamine is a happy hormone, when you have high levels of dopamine you will feel amazing. You will release dopamine when your body is expecting a reward making you feel feelings of excitement and pleasure.

So how is this created by what colours we wear? It is scientifically proven that wearing certain colours can lift your mood & boost your confidence. Give us that feel-good factor! This is when the dopamine is released when we have found our true colours, the ones that make us shine. But remember everyone's colours will be different, one person may love the feel of bright, zesty colours and another will feel amazing in the autumn rustic colours.

Today I'm going to share with you:

My top 3 colours to help boost your mood and confidence. The benefits of wearing them

The emotions they create

If you feel overwhelmed by the seemingly never-ending options out there and would like to learn more about which colours will boost your mood and confidence then keep reading.

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Yellow, whether it's a vibrant, zesty yellow or a lemon yellow tint, there is a yellow for everyone, yes even you!

Yellow represents positivity & happiness and when you think of yellow you will often picture the sun, moon, sunflowers, daffodils they all bring a feeling of happiness and release that hot topic dopamine.

If you are looking for the more calming effects of yellow I suggest opting for a paler tint, think of pastels and they will create a calming and more subtle energy release.

If yellow just seems a step too far then why not try a red, with a seemingly never-ending list of exciting reds to choose from, there's a red that's perfect for you.

Red is a high energy colour that represents power, strength, positivity and of course love.

With such a variety to choose from you could go for a deep rich fire brick light or a light, bright coral red.

If you want to show your authority in the boardroom, wear a red blouse or add a little red detail to an outfit to bring it to life. If you want to add an element of playfulness adding a red will work wonders every time.

Blue oh blue how we love you, the nations favourite colour, whether is a deep, rich navy for our winter seasons or a teal for our spring seasons blue will have you feeling positively fabulous.

If you want to convey a professional image blue is a fantastic choice, whilst it represents authority and professionalism it also represents calmness and tranquillity.

When thinking of blue we will often think of the sky or the sea bringing tranquil and calm feelings to us whilst lifting our spirits with memories of holidays and days lazing on the beach. Blue is fantastic to wear if you are wanting to create a sense of calm, wearing blue to an interview will help calm your nerves and bring a sense of calm into the room.

Go for a navy if you are wanting to create an element of trust.

Knowing where to start

First and foremost please don't get overwhelmed, colour is an exciting element of style to work with. With many varying shades, meaning you can find the perfect shade for you. Don't be afraid to experiment and shop your wardrobe to see what colourful pieces you already have that you can start to experiment with.

If you're not quite ready to throw yourself in, try adding a pop of colour to your outfit and you will see instantly how it will elevate your look. It's your time to shine!

If you would like to learn more about Colour Analysis and its benefits you can find all the details at Style Services - Personal Styling

Contact me if you have any questions

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