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How Colour Can Boost Your Confidence

Learn how to be more confident in colour...

If only we all woke every day with a spring in our step and the confidence we crave.

The confidence to wear that skirt, embrace those patterns and relax into the vision we see in our minds, the carefree, fun-spirited, colourful, quirky you!

From an early age, we are surrounded by colours therefore it should be no surprise that colour can trigger emotions both good and bad!

From the wallpaper we had as a child to the colour of our school uniform, we make decisions as adults based on the feelings we hold about colours from years gone by!

Yet so many of us rarely think of colour as an important factor in life, let alone one to engage with, one to consider or one to embrace on a day-to-day basis.

How can we be so relaxed about something so powerful?

How A Colour Analysis Will Boost Your Confidence

  • Understanding your personality temperament is a huge part of my holistic approach to colour analysis, whether you are presenting in a temporary temperament or you are firmly in your zone, we work through this together to understand where you are right now! This allows me to ensure that the colours we find in your palette are aligned with your personality, creating a balance between both how you look and how you feel.

  • We discuss which colours you are drawn towards and which ones you avoid and why! This helps me to build a great basis for your colour palette going forward, allowing me to suggest different shades of colours that you may not have considered before.

  • Using colour drapes to create harmony with your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour, is when the real magic happens. I will talk you through the positive & negative changes the colour drapes have on your face, this ensures that you understand which colours are your true colours and why.

  • Identifying your WOW colours is such a fantastic element of colour analysis, you will feel proud of your wow colours when you wear them. You will automatically stand tall and present in a confident manner.

Colour Analysis is a wonderful tool to have in your wellness kit, it's a bit like a secret weapon, no more questioning is this right for me?

You already know the answer, you have the knowledge and the colour fan to work with. You also have me in your mind, re-affirming "yes you can get away with that colour green" and politely reminding you that "that black does absolutely nothing for you and brings a dull effect over your naturally glowing warm skin tone"

Colourful Confidence is Waiting for You!

We all know that confidence is the secret ingredient to success! We continually search for it in our personal and business lives, urging ourselves to "just go for it" yet when the opportunity arises we hold back!

Just as we dare to dip our toe into a confident version of ourselves we very quickly pull away and retract to our conservative, safe zone.

Well, not anymore!

Now you know my superpower and my passion, you can feel confident in the knowledge that I will arm you with the colour knowledge and the colourful confidence that you need to boost your confidence!

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