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Watch your Style Evolve

Grow your vision!

Want to be a Stylist or Colour Consultant?

Unsure where to start or if the industry is right for you?


About You.

Have you thought about becoming a Personal Stylist or Colour Consultant but are worried about how to progress in the industry?

Perhaps you're wondering, do you need to qualify? or where you should go to qualify?

I hear you, I had ALL the worries before I trained and felt every single ounce of imposter syndrome creep up and climb all over me!


Perhaps you won't fit in?

You can't create fancy reels like the other stylists?

You don't have the knowledge or the experience?

You worry that you don't know enough to be an EXPERT in the field?

No-one will want to hear what you have to say?

You might get something wrong!

You don't have all the answers?

Or perhaps.


You just don't know where to start!

Lets be clear!

Let me assure you that every person I have ever spoken to within the industry has had some

of those fears, perhaps all of those fears. 

The unknown is scary and our mind will do everything it can to keep us safe!

But like we know...

"If nothing changes, nothing changes!"

What this means for you?

There are clients out there that need you, they need your words and your personality! 


They need to hear it in the way that you say it! 


You just need to plan it, your way!

Next Steps

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