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Colour Analysis


Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis & the Benefits 

Colour is a powerful tool, when used in the right way it can quite simply change your life.

If you want to understand which colours compliment your skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and give you a beautiful,
natural glow to your complexion then colour analysis is right for you

In addition to the above a colour analysis will help you to understand which colours to choose when you are shopping,
reducing the feeling of 

You will learn which colours to wear to ensure the colour doesn't wear you

Colour analysis is very much a wellness experience, it's your very own R&R time

The power and knowledge you gather during this experience will empower you to make confident and fun choices when choosing

your clothing, make up, glasses and even home interiors

My approach to colour analysis is a holistic approach and the colour season you are given is the one that will stay with you for life

Here's just a few of the benefits: 

🌈 Understanding which colours compliment your skin tone

🌈  Knowledge of which colours give you a natural glow

🌈 We will explore colours that will create a flawless and radiant complexion 

🌈 Reduce Fine lines and wrinkles 

🌈 Boost your mood

🌈 Lift your confidence 

🌈 Create harmony with your home interiors

🌈 Explore which colour combinations create the real WOW factor 

As a qualified Colour Consultant and Personal Stylist I understand the struggles that you face when it comes to choosing an outfit 

in a colour that will allow you to feel colourful & confident

 🌈 Come along for a colourful journey with me and start living your life in full colour 🌈

Read more about the benefits of colour analysis ...

It is a proven fact that wearing and surrounding yourself with colour can boost your mood and lift your confidence

At a time when anxiety and depression is at a record high, I want people to feel secure and confident in themselves whilst navigating their

way through their busy, stressful and at times overwhelming lives

 I help you to explore your own magical world of colour, advising you which colours are in your colour season, which tones, tints and shades

work well for your skin tone and work harmoniously with the undertones of your skin

Not only will it help you to choose clothes that compliment your skin tone, it will have you making colourful style choices that in time will have you excited every time you open your wardrobe.

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