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Meet Laura Coote

Life. Style. Choices.

Welcome to Laura Coote Styling, where confident choices come to life!

Laura's mission is to empower you with lifestyle-driven choices, fuelling your strength and confidence to achieve anything you desire. Laura believes that embracing your body and empowering your style is a game-changer.

Step into a wardrobe that sparks joy and amplifies your confidence. With Laura as your supportive guide, you'll navigate your style vision with ease & fun!

Confidence and mindset are the secret keys to unlocking your full potential. 

Experience the transformative power of colour analysis and personal styling. 

Are you ready to prioritise yourself and embark on a style journey filled with confidence, positivity, and pure excitement? Laura Coote Styling is here to boost your style confidence and ignite your inner fire.

Let the transformation begin!

Home Testimonials


Alderley Edge

Laura explained how experimenting with wearing different colours can make you feel more confident and compliment your complexion so much more!

Couldn't recommend highly enough

Cheadle Hulme


Laura, you are a genius!

I'm loving my clothes, I'm feeling amazing!

Another outfit has just arrived and I love everything!

Thank you! 


Honestly there isn't enough words really to highlight and share how incredible you ARE and have been!

I will 100% be sharing your details!

Thank you for everything 

Life. Style. Choices

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