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Thank you for visiting my little corner of the online world, I have created this stylish space just for you!

I qualified as a Personal Stylist and colour consultant at the London College of Style, I have had the privilege of being trained & working with some of the top industries leaders

I understand the struggles & overwhelm that so many of you face

From having a wardrobe jam packed with clothes, yet feeling like you have nothing to wear, constantly wearing the same clothes over & over again because you lack inspiration & have lost your style mojo

Not knowing which styles suit your shape & which colours bring out your natural glow

Based in Cheadle Hulme I primarily work with clients in Cheshire, & Manchester however I can travel further afield upon request

With the added luxury of the ever evolving virtual world I am now able to offer a large number of my style experiences virtually.  So wherever you are in the world, there will be an experience just for you


I've created style experiences that will help you to grow in confidence & learn all about the specific aspects of style that you may be struggling with

There's something for everyone & I am delighted that you are starting right here, exploring the possibilities of your very own style journey....

Styling Services

Personal Styling

Finding the most convenient experience for you is vital to ensure you feel, confident, comfortable & relaxed going into your style journey

Taking the first step can seem daunting, so well done for getting this far

I can assure you, when you make that commitment to yourself, you won't look back!



Virtual Styling

The beauty of the online space is that anything is possible


I am delighted that I am now able to work with you on a completely virtual basis, wherever you are in the world

Click on Virtual Styling or Virtual Styling Packages to see how I can help you!


DIY Styling



DIY styling experiences that you could manage at your own pace in your own environment 

Guided by myself via pre recorded video, PDF download or super easy to follow checklists

Details to follow very soon, if you'd like to register your interest in the DIY experiences please click below


About Me

My Personal Styling journey isn't like most

I found my passion and purpose for this role later on in life


Previously I owned an online clothing boutique, working with

my clients the same frustrations would appear, they would tell me: 


They felt lost & lacked inspiration to change their style

They didn't know what suited them

Which colours they should wear

They felt they had a "Uniform" which was easy but it wasn't 

reflective of their true personality

found it fascinating & more importantly I knew I had to help!

I trained at the London College of Style & qualified as a

personal stylist, having expert guidance from the

industry leaders was invaluable & enabled me to flourish &

create my very own personal styling business

My aim is to help as many women & men as possible to

understand their style, colour season,  style vision

& most importantly grow in confidence

Based in Cheadle Hulme I cover Cheshire & Greater Manchester, however if you live further afield please don't hesitate to

contact me as I do on occasion travel further for my clients

I look forward to working with you & helping you discover your style vision & grow in confidence!

It's your time to shine!



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Cheadle Hulme, Stockport, United Kingdom


What my clients say...

I had a virtual styling session with the lovely Laura and I can honestly say the service and experience was incredible!


Laura listened to my holdbacks on not knowing my personal style since having children and talked me though so many tips and ideas to help me find the little bit quirky, fashionable me again.


We went through a range of pieces Laura suggested and I chose a selection to re vamp my wardrobe and style.


When the items arrived they were perfect, I’d recommend a definite 5 star.


Thank you again Laura x

Laura - Essex

I was really nervous and extremely self-conscious when I initially made contact with Laura but she immediately put me at ease. We chatted about what I was looking for, her services and how she could help me.
We firstly arranged to meet so that she could carry out a body shape analysis. Prior to her visit she asked me to complete a questionnaire which she clearly used as when she arrived, it was clear that so much effort had been put into actually reading my responses and understanding me. Laura provided lots of advice about the sort of clothes that flattered my shape and those to steer away from. Her visit was very promptly followed up with a written brief of everything that she’d told me which was great as I have it to refer to now.

We arranged for Laura to return to complete a wardrobe edit. The contents of my wardrobe had built up over many, many years and a lot of the items no longer fitted me or as I learned at my body shape analysis session, were not flattering to my shape. This was my opportunity to be ruthless and get rid of those items but as I didn’t feel ready for them to leave me completely yet, Laura made suggestions of the best way to preserve and store them. We worked through every item of clothing in my wardrobe with Laura being kind but honest about what should remain and what should be replaced. At no time was I made to feel uncomfortable or pressured. By the end of the session, we had a list of where the gaps were and what we needed to focus on.

The final and most exciting stage was the personal shopping trip. I’d expected that we would spend our time traipsing from shop to shop looking endlessly for what might be suitable but how wrong I was. All of the time allocated had been planned to precision. Laura had put so much thought and preparation into the whole experience; I didn’t need to think about anything at all. At each of the stores that we visited, she had already taken time out and been previously to put possible suitable pieces to one side so all I had to do was literally try them on. Even the pre-booking of personal changing rooms had been taken care of. Laura suggested items and colours that I would never have dreamt of even looking at and was brilliant at providing ideas of how I could style outfits differently. The whole experience was wonderful and I have some fantastic pieces that make me feel amazing when I wear them. Laura even followed up with a Pinterest board with loads of ideas for future purchases. I’ve now got all of the tools to continue my new clothing journey myself.

Laura cares so much and her passion for what she does shines through. The amount of preparation prior to each of our meetups was evident and really meant that I got the most from each session. I cannot recommend Laura enough and would really suggest that if you open your wardrobe doors currently and don’t feel good about what you see, get in touch with this lady because she will change all of that.

Thank you Laura for everything; you have given me my confidence back.


Debbie - Stockport


I’m so happy I discovered Laura Coote Stylist, I started by having my colours done. I’m 48 and although feel pretty good, I’m very conscious that I could dress better as I have no interest in clothes or shopping, I always felt like I somehow muddle through with outfits. So I decided it was time to get the experts in. I had a fabulous session where we did my colours, what an eye opener that was, it seems most of my favourite colours didn’t suit me!! However she did tell me how I can wear those colours and what to accessorise with to still make them work. I am spring and realised I had 2 items of clothing that were Spring - so after a thoroughly enjoyable colours session (she even did the personality type linked to me and spring - fascinating). I asked Laura if she could help me get my wardrobe sorted and help me buy some clothes for an up and coming holiday plus some lunch with the girls outfits and general girl about town type combos. I cannot stand shopping but even better, Laura offers a service where she’ll put 10 outfits together all online and simply send me the links in my size and the outfit combinations. OMG heaven on a stick, virtually every single item she selected fits and looks great! Seriously, none are what I would have picked (which I love) yet look amazing!! I now feel so effortlessly stylish and I feel an interesting in clothes coming back. I’m thinking about if I need a scarf, which earrings and bag to go with a each look and I’ve got rid of lots of clothes that I now realise why I don’t wear them much - wrong season for me, you know just not quite right . Some are still fine with the right accessories so it’s breathed now life into those pieces. Thank you again Laura, I’ll be back for my spring summer clothes soon! Highly recommend :)

Penny - Cheadle


I approached Laura at Laura Coote Styling as I was looking for some inspiration for my workwear style!

After being a customer of Laura’s when she previously owned her clothing boutique, she was the obvious choice on my search.

Laura sent me an in-detail questionnaire which she used to create a Pinterest board for me! All the outfits were perfect and pieces I never would have chosen myself.

Laura then went on to create me a shoppable style board. This was such a fantastic service for me as I’m busy and hate shopping. She sent me links to everything, and everything was in stock in my size, all I had to do was click and pay.

I am a teacher so budget and versatility were key, all of the pieces were perfect for my job and also could be worn out of work as well.

Thank you, Laura, I can’t wait for our body shape analysis and colour analysis experiences.


Michelle - Cheadle Hulme


I cant recommend Laura enough

Not only have I had some amazing pieces from her but I asked Laura to help me with a wardrobe edit.

I felt a little daunted before she came to see me.

I had gotten into a bad habit of ordering clothes online & not thinking about my body shape.

I also found out I'm not the shape I thought.

Since then I've had a huge clear out of clothes that don't suit me and I'm now more intentful with buying clothes & feeling super confident again.

I cant that you enough Laura 

Amy - Wales